A Little Look into our Life

We are best friends. We are soulmates. One born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. The other just outside of Boston in Hudson, New Hampshire. Together we have 4 awesome kids who make us proud every day. Matthew is an artist, singer, and GNR fanatic. Heather is a techy, creative photographer, and fiercely loyal friend. Our favorite thing to do outside of work is to rock out at as many concerts as we can fit in our busy schedule.

Our Company, virtualRVA, was born out of a desire to be much more flexible and not be tied down to a “normal” life. We figured, since we like to do everything together, why not spend our workdays together as well.

Prior to starting virtualRVA, our backgrounds consisted of years of experience in areas like: customer service, sales, banking, mortgages, office management, web design, logo development, and marketing just to name a few. Our business allows us to use all of our talents and experiences combined together to help other business owners all over the world.

Matthew and Heather
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